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At the end of this year - 2017 - we are launching, a unique platform tailored exclusively for real estate industry. We believe with this platform the whole real estate industry will be organized and transparent.

Real estate professionals (agents, investors, contractors, movers, marketers, bloggers…) will have the most affordable and highly effective opportunity to showcase property listings, real estate services and at-the-end-of-the-the-day generate more leads.

Homeowners will have every opportunity to get help, resolve their problems, get answers, find the perfect home and the most important find the perfect local real estate professionals with just a few clicks.

Be our Ambassador!

Before launching we are starting a project called: #YooourAmbassador!

Who can be an Ambassador of
Real estate industry leader with a strong content creation and/or social skill (real estate blogger, real estate news creators, vloggers, marketers…) can be our Ambassador. If you like platform and recognize its potential contact me to find out if you are qualified.

Are the Ambassador Group open to anyone?
No! There are 3 criteriums to be our Ambassador:
You have to be qualified.
You should be a leader in the real estate industry (agent, broker, local news, mortgage lender, investor, inspector…)
You must have a strong community (blog subscribers, social media followers …)

Can I invite someone to participate?
Yes! You can invite anyone to participate and we will welcome anyone if they are qualified.

What are the limits of Ambassador Group?

We are looking for a small number of passionate ambassadors from all around the world. The Ambassador Project will be open until the end of this year - 2017 - when will be launched.
What does it mean to be an Ambassador?
We are asking the followings from our Ambassadors:
- Use the platform! Create Business Page, write blogs, post property listings … use it, taste it in every way.
- Give your feedback! If you like what we are building, great! Share your feedback!
- Maybe you don't like something, maybe you have an idea how to fix a problem or change something on the website? Good! Send your feedback. Don't be shy/ Don't be Gentle! Bring it on!
- Spread the words! To find the weak spots on the platform we need users - a lot of users. We believe this is the only way to create a transparent real estate platform what is useful for our users! - - - Spread the words, let the people know what we are building and how we will shape the real estate world, together.

How to communicate with us?
Send me a message anytime.

Our Offer

We want to thank you for been our ambassador and your hard work with the following free stuff:
- Ambassador badge for your Business Page and for your website
- 1 year free of cost Premium Business Page (today value $250, with Grandfather Guarantee)
- Early access to our new tools, features, and news
- A unique landing page, personalized with your logo/profile picture/website name where the users can sign up to
- To our Best-of-the-Best Ambassadors we will provide more tools and more materials to boost their success.
- As an Ambassador you'll get instant access to our #YooourAssociate affiliate program - click here for details.


We are so excited about the #YooourAmbassador project. It will be awesome building together the “next-generation” platform for the real estate industry. 

We know we have to work extremely hard to reach our goal - to create a transparent, user friendly and successful real estate platform. Wit our Ambassadors we can create a digital world where all the real estate problems will be solved and every real estate question will be answered within minutes with just a few clicks.

Are you ready? Contact us!

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