Real estate is boring!

If you’re a real estate professional, you know that nothing interesting has happened in this business in a long time. Most websites offer the same content and same copy/paste listings, all hidden behind different designs and names. All you see are suspicious reviews, websites with restrictions and search optimized contents created by unverified users.

In short, there is nothing new – until now!

Now is the time for a real estate platform that can keep pace with all the other sophisticated technology-driven changes that have redefined our lives. Now is the time for a platform where you can plan and execute your next moving project, without leaving the room.

My name is Attila Foris and I'm the founder of

In the past decade, I have lived on two different continents, in four different countries, three different states, and seven different cities. And, it's not over!

As we all know moving is not easy. Nobody knows more about the stress in moving than me. Finding the right neighborhood and the right apartment without any local help will keep you up nights.

So, in 2012 I decided to create a website where you can find the perfect property in minutes. In addition, the site will also assist you in finding all the other help you will need to ensure your moving project runs smoothly. - the end-to-end real estate platform - will be launch at the end of 2017!

What is and how is working? is a unique end-to-end platform tailored specifically for the real estate industry. Our goal is to effortlessly connect Property Hunters with Property Owners with local Real Estate Professionals. We have divided the real estate industry into 3 different parts: * Business Directory, * Property Listings * Property Hunters.

Listed below are the unique features of each part. Both individuals, as well as businesses, can benefit from utilizing our platform.

1. #YooourBusiness - Business Directory

- is an easy-to-use platform where all Real Estate Professionals can promote their services through a detailed and beautifully designed Business Page. 

- Anybody can create a Free Business Page (agents, brokers, moving companies, mortgage brokers, real estate bloggers, real estate news websites, ...).

- With the "MyMarket" feature the business owner can limit their business geographic border, thus dominating a particular location.

- With “The Connect” feature, Real Estate Professionals can connect with local clients, answer questions and promote their services directly.

- With “ The Property Alert” Real Estate professionals with a Business Page can set an Alert to get notified when something new hits the market.

- A fully featured blog affords Business Page owners an opportunity to build an online reputation.

- Business owners can embed videos, upload images and customize their Business Page for their needs. Likewise, they can collect reviews and embed them anywhere by copy/paste an embed code.

- Every Business Page comes with 90 days free trial. After the end of the trial period, the owner has an option to extend the Premium Business Page Subscription or using the free version of our service.

- Our pricing is simple, transparent and affordable! There are no hidden, transaction, or administration fees. Anybody who owns a real estate business can create a Free Business Page! We offer many of our tools for free, but our most powerful features are reserved for premium subscribers. is the first company in the real estate industry that offers two unique guarantees to our Premium Business Page Subscribers: Satisfaction Guaranteed and Grandfather Guaranteed.

2. #YooourListing - Property Listings

- is the only real estate platform (based on our knowledge) where any type of real estate can be advertised!

- We do not have any restrictions at all, anyone (agents, brokers, landlords, property managers or private persons) can create an unlimited number of Property Listings for free!

- We have created 6 different Property Listings to cover the real estate industry: Room, Apartment, Single family home, Residential investment, Commercial building, Commercial space, and Land.

- The users have the possibility to list their short-rent, rent and for sale properties too.

- We believe the average Property Listing doesn't provide any values … not anymore! The well-known, usual Property Listing (address, price, few details and a description) it seems like, it's just one item from a phone book with a property description.

What we believe the detailed real estate listings gives value and saves time to the Property Hunters, to Property Seller and also to the Real Estate Professional. On the Property Seller can describe the listings, upload pictures and embed videos room by room.

- Property Sellers also have this unique feature called "Embed your ad" to create a great exposure to their listing or all of the listings in the same time. With a simple embed code copy/paste it into the blog article, website, Facebook page, social media post… anywhere … all for free!

3. #YooourProperty - Property Hunters is the only real estate platform where property hunters, using our Connect Form, can find:

- Answers to their questions

- Solutions to their problems

- The perfect property

- The most reliable local Real Estate Professionals

- Unique properties (e.g. penthouse with a city view) with our state-of-the-art advanced search

- No match for the ideal property? Just fill out the Property Wanted form and ask the local home professionals about the available properties.


Our goal is to make the real estate industry transparent through a unique platform that can change the way we think and do business today. We all want to get rid of the scammers, avoid unfriendly landlords while, simultaneously, making real estate more affordable, less stressful and easier to understand. We hope this short description about our platform has tweaked your curiosity enough to want to participate. Feel free to write about it, ask a question or even sign up and #ExperienceTheDifference.


The site is in Developer mode. So when you visit and create your free account, you will notice a few minor issues. We are working to fix and finish the site as soon as possible. Please remind your audience the website is in developer mode.

Property Listing examples

- Private room for Short Rent 
- Private room for Rent 
- Penthouse for Short Rent 
- Penthouse for Rent 
- Residential property for Short Rent 
- Villa for Rent 
- Forest for Sale 
- Residential building for Rent 
- Mall for Sale 
- Banquet hall for Short Rent 
- Island for Sale 

Frequently Asked Questions

- For more information about the Business Page visit our Business Page FAQ

- For more information about the Property Listings visit our Property Listings FAQ

- For more information about visit our General FAQ

Business Page Example

- You are welcome to visit FindYooour Business Page

- You are welcome to visit our non-existing Real Estate Broker Business Page.

Did you know...?

- We are starting a pre-launch program #YooourAmbassador. Our goal is to find real estate leaders who like our platform and recognize its potential.

- Our #YooourAssociate affiliate program can, potentially, provide a reliable and steady income to any individual who is willing to participate and spread the word about the value of our platform.


- If you have any questions or looking for an exclusive interview, please feel free to contact me at AttilaForis @

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