Who can create a Business Page on FindYooour.com?

Anyone with a business that provides services typically used in doing a real estate transaction may have a business page on FindYooour.com.

Example: Real estate agent, Real estate broker, Broker associate, Listing agent, Buyers agent, Dual agent, Transaction agent, Commercial agent, Relocation agent, Real estate agency,Home stager, Real estate photographer, Mortgage broker, Real estate appraiser, Real estate notary, Real estate advocate, Property manager, Home inspector, HVAC inspector, Roof inspector, Structure engineer, Drain inspector, Thermal (infra) inspector, Asbestos inspector, Mold inspector, Commercial inspector, Moving and Storage company, Moving company, Office mover, Antic mover, Piano mover, Storage, Rent a moving truck, General contractor, Real estate developer, Real estate investor ...

Does the 90-day free trial apply to everything?

The 90-day free trial applies to the Business Pages. Your first 90 days are free of charge, during your 3 months you can taste the difference between the Free and Premium Business Page.

How can I start a Free Premium Business Page?

If you want to promote your real estate business through FindYooour.com Free Business Page service, follow this steps:

1. Sign Up or Log in into your account on FindYooour.com
2. Click "Create your business page"on the top-left corner
3. Fill out the form
4. Click "Create my Business Page"
5. You are enrolled in the free trial of FindYooour.com.

- No Credit Card, No Coding required to create and use your Business Page.
- During the trial period (90 days) you can extend your Premium Business Page Subscription anytime.

What is the difference between Premium and Free Business Page?

The following unique features are part of the Premium Business Page:

Grandfather Guarantee
With our Grandfather Guarantee Your Business Page will be protected from the future price increase.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Follow our Business Owner Guidelines on how can your Premium Business Page make it at the top of your local market search results of FindYooour.com! If you remain unsatisfied contact us and we will refund your first order.

Competition ad free Business Page
We will never place any competition Ad on your Premium Business Page

Real Estate Alert
Be the best in your market by activating the Real Estate Alert

Estimate Properties
Help your potential clients to Estimate Properties

Connect allows you to connect with local clients

Customizable Business Page
Customize Yooour Business Page content with unlimited MyFrame, Photos and Videos

The following unique features are part of the Free and Premium Business Page:

Unique link
Personalized link for your Business Page

My Market
Set your "MyMarket" where your services available

Business Page Reviews
Collect costumer reviews about your product and / or service

Create unlimited Blog articles

Unlimited Networking

Chat, message, communicate using FindYooour.com platform

Optimize Yooour Business
Optimize the content of your Business Page around your business

SEO Business Page
We working continuously to search optimize your page

Embed Page Reviews
Embed Yooour Premium Page Reviews anywhere you want

Embed Listings
Embed Yooour Property Listings anywhere you want

What is the Grandfather Gurantee?

With the powerful Grandfather Guarantee you’ll pay for your Premium Business Page as much as the first day when you activated it. Grandfather Guarantee is available only for Premium Business Page.

Note: Coupons, price reductions and other sales are not part of the Grandfather Guarantee!

What is the Satisfaction Guarantee?

Follow our Business Owner Guidelines on how can your Premium Business Page make it at the top of your local market search results of FindYooour.com! If you have any questions or concerns let us know. We will do our best to help you improve your Premium Business Page search result performance. If you remain unsatisfied contact us and we will refund your first order.

- You must follow our Business Owner Guidelines step-by-step
- Satisfaction Guarantee expires after the first calendar year of the Premium Business Page.

About Premium Business Page subscription

At the end of the chosen membership period, your card will be charged automatically for the next membership period.

If you choose to be charged on a monthly basis, your membership charge will be $35. If you choose to be charged on an annual basis, you will be charged $250 per one Premium Business Page.

Cancel anytime: If you didn't intend to continue your membership from a free trial to a paid membership, you can cancel your Premium Business Page on the Checkout page.
Update: Month-to-Month subscription plan no longer available.

How many Buiness Page can I create?

You can create as many Business Page as you like. However we recommend to create just enough Business Pages to promote your real estate services or products.

Note: To many unused Business Page's can slow your account.

What countries will my Business Page will be shown in?

Yooour Business Pages on FindYooour.com will be shown in countries around the world. There is no geographical limitation placed by FindYooour.com on the reach of your Business Page. However you will limit the geographical limitation when you are setting up "MyMarket".

Does the business page come with free listings?

Certain real estate professionals subscribed to the business page may do unlimited listings with their business page subscription. These would be any professionals selling or renting real estate.

Example: agents, brokers, home sellers, property managers
Note: Starting from January 2017 all Property Listings are free of charge during our limited time offer

I am a non real estate professional – Why can’t I have free listings?

The point of FindYooour.com listing is to list properties and advertise real estate companies. If other non real estate professionals are inserted into the platform it will reduce the value to FindYooour.com’s user base. FindYooour.com it was created exclusively for real estate industry. We invite all of the professionals servicing the real estate industry to create business pages to advertise their services and list properties.

I am selling my own home – I only need one listing can I buy this instead of starting a business page?

Yes! If you are a home seller you can list your property on FindYooour.com for Free!

My company has a local listings website in our region – Can we advertise our listings on FindYooour.com?

Yes. If you have a property to sell or rent than you can advertise on FindYooour.com. It does not matter if you also list it on other website(s) as well.

What is the character limit in the description on Findyooour.com?

There is no character limit in the Business Page descriptions on FindYooour.com. What makes FindYooour.com different and superior is your Business Page is yours. This means your Business Page can be designed in the way YOU best feel helps your business achieve its objectives.

Are there banner ads on the Business Pages of FindYooour.com?

No there are NO Banner Ads on the Premium Business Page on FindYooour.com.

Note: During our limited time offer there are no Banner Ads on Free Business Page.

Is there a place where I can leave feedback or a suggestion?

Yes. The contact page allows you to send any feedback, suggestions, or other information you would like to share with the FindYooour.com teams.

What payment methods are accepted on FindYooour.com?

FindYooour.com purchases can only be made using credit or debit cards. We do not accept any other method of payment. FindYooour.com does not accept gift cards or PayPal. 

How will I be billed for my Business Page Subscription?

To ensure uninterrupted service, Premium Business Page Subscription automatically renew – either monthly or annually – depending upon the membership in which you are enrolled. Your billing date is the same date that you created your Business Page.


- Premium Business Page Monthly: If your Business Page was created on March 1, then your subsequent billing date would be April 1.
- Premium Business Page Annual: If you Business Page was created on March 1, 2015, then your subsequent billing date would be March 1, 2016.
Update: Month-to-Month subscription plan no longer available.

What is the refund policy?

No refund at this time on FindYooour.com.

Note: The first 90 days are free when you create your Premium Business Page.

How can I delete my Business Page?

Follow these 5 simple test to delete any Business Page:
1. Sign in to your FindYooour.com account
2. Select the Business Page which one you would like to delete
3. Click on Settings icon
4. Delete Page  

Note: Deleting your Business Page you will loose all of your data from your Business Page!

How can I cancel my Premium Business Page Subscription?

In order to cancel your Premium Business Page subscription, follow these steps:
1. Sign in to your FindYooour.com account
2. Select the Premium Business Page which you would like to cancel
3. Go to Checkout page
4. Click: "Cancel my Subscription" button.
5. Enter your password and click "Unsubscribe me"

When you cancel your subscription your Premium Business Page automatically will be downgraded to a free version Business Page.

- Canceling your Premium Business Page Subscription will affect your Business Page ranking number.
- When you cancel your Premium Business Page subscription your page will be active until the next billing date.

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