What is the difference between Premium and Free Business Page?

The following unique features are part of the Premium Business Page:

Grandfather Guarantee
With our Grandfather Guarantee Your Business Page will be protected from the future price increase.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Follow our Business Owner Guidelines on how can your Premium Business Page make it at the top of your local market search results of FindYooour.com! If you remain unsatisfied contact us and we will refund your first order.

Competition ad free Business Page
We will never place any competition Ad on your Premium Business Page

Real Estate Alert
Be the best in your market by activating the Real Estate Alert

Estimate Properties
Help your potential clients to Estimate Properties

Connect allows you to connect with local clients

Customizable Business Page
Customize Yooour Business Page content with unlimited MyFrame, Photos and Videos

The following unique features are part of the Free and Premium Business Page:

Unique link
Personalized link for your Business Page

My Market
Set your "MyMarket" where your services available

Business Page Reviews
Collect costumer reviews about your product and / or service

Create unlimited Blog articles

Unlimited Networking

Chat, message, communicate using FindYooour.com platform

Optimize Yooour Business
Optimize the content of your Business Page around your business

SEO Business Page
We working continuously to search optimize your page

Embed Page Reviews
Embed Yooour Premium Page Reviews anywhere you want

Embed Listings
Embed Yooour Property Listings anywhere you want
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