How is your site different from other non-industry run sites? is the premier platform on the Internet that allows all real estate service professionals to advertise. Unlike prehistoric real estate websites it is all real estate all of the time. This means more variety of listings, for sale by owner listings, and more consumer choice.’s Business Pages and Property Listings options make it the ideal place to advertise and sell real estate.

Do we have to use our credit card to activate the trial?

No, you will be reminded closer to the end of the trial to log in add, the card and set up a subscription.

Update: Starting from January 2017 the Property Listings are free, during our limited time offer!

I am selling my own home – I only need one listing can I buy this instead of starting a business page?

Yes! If you are a home seller you can list your property on for Free!

Are there any limits on photos or listings?

No you can create as many listing advertisements as you want, and include as many photos as you want.

How much does it cost?

Starting from January 2017 during our limited time offer the Property Listings are free of charge on!

Why do you limit adds to the real estate sector?

Ads are limited to the real estate sector because we want them to be useful to the users of the site. Unrelated ads are not useful to home-buyers, home-sellers or home-rentals.

Are there limits to what I can list on

No. There are no limits to what you can list as long as it is real estate. Condos, strip malls, apartments, houses, land, and other real estate may all be listed on

Is there a limit to the number of agents at a brokerage who can sign up for the trial?

No! At there are no tricks and fine print what you see is what you get. Each agent and the brokerage can sign up for their own free trial.

Is the trial of limited to agents and sellers?

No. It is open to anyone in a real estate related field.

- A home inspector to promote home inspection services,
- Attorneys focused on real estate,
- Mortgage brokers,
- Real estate agents,
- Real estate brokers,
- Home sellers ...

Why do I need to join? is 100% about real estate, there is no other platform like Only real estate related listings, services, and businesses are available on This means 100% of the content including the listings, blog articles ... is useful to the user!

Are there limits to what I can list on

No. There are no limits to what you can list during the trial, as long as it is real estate. Condos, strip malls, apartments, houses, land, and other real estate may all be listed on

Do I have to put my credit card down to activate the trial?

No. It is absolutely 100% free. We will send you a notification stating your trial is ending or has ended when it is time to become a paid subscriber.

If I have a few rental units, can I list them on

Rental listings are absolutely welcome and it is free to advertise them.

My company has a local listings website in our region – Can we advertise our listings on

Yes. If you have a property to sell or rent than you can advertise on It does not matter if you also list it on other website(s) as well.

Can I list a rental property on

Yes rental properties can be listed on

Can I upload High Quality Pictures?

Yes you can upload high quality pictures. has no limits on the number of pictures, and allows plenty of space for high quality high-resolution images to be uploaded.

How much are Listings?

Starting from January 2017 the Property Listings are free, during our limited time offer! All real estate listings are free on

I have a house I inherited, are estate sales welcome?

Estate sales are welcome to list properties on Auctions and other listings that are less common are also welcome.

What is the difference between Under Construction and New Construction?

Generally a new construction listing on means the house is not yet under construction. You buy it from the real estate agent or builder and the home is then built from you based on your choice of package. Under Construction means it is already under construction based on a set plan to be purchased for occupation upon completion.

Can we list properties we plan to flip on

Yes, these are real estate listings. You can list a property that is being flipped while the work is ongoing, and all of the drawings and renderings can be included in the listing to sell the property.

What is the difference between a foreclosure and a notice of default listing?

A property under notice of default is still owner occupied but is in the process of being foreclosed upon. Where a foreclosed property is already in the possession of the bank.

I appraise homes for value can I create a real estate ad and sell my home?

Yes. Anyone who is involved in a real estate transaction may also advertise. Though unlike agents and brokers they can list properties for free with a Business Page.

Are there limits on what type of property can be advertised on

No! If is it is real estate it is welcome as an advertisement on You can list a house, farm, mall, store, warehouse, factory, etc.

Does the 90-day free trial apply to everything?

The 90-day free trial applies to the Property Listings.

Update: Starting from January 2017 all Property Listings are free of charge, during our limited time offer.

Can I change the administrator on my account or listings?

You can change the second administrator on your real estate listings. So if you have just parted ways with the second administrator go ahead, log in and lock them out.

Is there a way to limit what the second administrator can see?

Yes the second administrator is blocked from viewing or changing billing information.

What is the maximum resolution of photos for

There is no maximum resolution of photos for a listing on Photos should be high resolution to showcase the property in a way that will make buyers want it.

Does support 3D photos?

Yes! Your can embed 3D Photos, VR - Virtual Reality - and Videos to your listings on

What sort of documents can I upload?

Any documents - related to the property - you feel will help you to sell your listing on This includes land maps, property tax assessments, inspection reports, utility bills, or any other useful information for the buyer.

Can I upload documents on a property to

Yes. Documents on any property that is in a real estate listing can be uploaded to You can also link a third party website (example: GoogleDrive, DropBox...) where you store your documents.

I am busy – I need to manage my real estate ads but I also need to let someone else use it – Is this possible?

Yes! allows you to have two administrators for your real estate ads. This way your assistant, or spouse can put your listings up while you work. A popular choice amongst agents is to designate the homeowner as the second administrator for their listing. This is because the homeowner knows the house, has photos that show it in the best light, and has an interest in selling the property. Therefore agents find them to be amongst the best writers of listings.

Is there a place where I can leave feedback or a suggestion?

Yes. The contact page allows you to send any feedback, suggestions, or other information you would like to share with the teams.

Other websites show me “properties nearby that you may be interested in?” Does

No. As a customer you own the Property Listing Page. respects its customers and does not show anything on a Listings Page that would distract customers to a competitor’s advertisement.

Are there banner ads on the listings of

No there are no banner ads on the Listings Pages on

What is the character limit in the description on

There is no character limit in the Property Listing descriptions on What makes different and superior to outdated listing sites is: your listing page is yours. This means your Property Listing can be designed in the way YOU best feel helps you attract more attention and close a deal fast.

What countries will my Property Listings will be shown in?

Yooour Property Listings on will be shown in countries around the world. There is no geographical limitation placed by on the reach of your real estate listings.

Is there a benefit to a worldwide advertising reach?

There are over 1 million new immigrants moving to the United States each and every year. This is to say nothing of those who move in temporarily like Canadian snowbirds, who buy real estate.

What is the benefit to short term rentals to Expatriates?

There is a huge upside to these fully furnished short-term rentals to expatriate workers from other countries. Usually their employer is paying the rent, and they are willing to pay a premium for the short-term nature. If they like your property others from their company will likely rent it when they leave. This is a great way to earn larger returns.

Does allow agents to advertise special features of properties?

Yes. If the property has a pool, outside shower, garage, shed, great landscaping, a river in the backyard, or a water view make sure you showcase it.

Within my Property Listing what information can I include about the property I am advertising?

The short answer is, anything you feel is relevant to selling your property. has built in space to allow you to include the history of property, specific details, and even maps and plans that show the details related to the whole property.

Can I embed video in my Property Listing?

Yes. Video can be embedded in your listing page. While text is an important part of any real estate listing, a video is the ultimate way to showcase a property. There is no description that could possibly compare.

I work for a company that would like to place an advertisement in your search results, how can I do this? does not accept advertisements in its search results. Only real estate listings will be returned when a user searches for property. If you want to promote your real estate business your can do it through a Business Page.

I was using another site, and I could never find my listing on the search result unless I paid more – Does do this?

No ranks real estate listings based on their relevance to the users search. This means real estate agents, home sellers, and brokers do not have to pay extra for their listing to appear at the top of the search. If you want your listing to be on the top of our search result make sure fill out the listing detailed as possible.

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