Business Page Terms of Service

These Additional Terms, the FindYooour Terms of Service and other terms and policies referenced here, will govern your use of Business Page ("FindYooour Page Terms"). Please check from time to time for updates. Your use of Business Page means you have accepted the Business Page Terms and your continued use of Business Page means you are consenting to any updates. If you do not wish to agree to the Business Page Terms, please do not use Business Pages.

Authority and Access

Subject to the Business Page Terms, any (Website) user may create a Business Page, but only users with authority over the subject matter may own and/or manage the Business Page. You may not share login credentials for your Page. You may authorize users who have authority over the subject matter to act as managers/admins of your Page. Any such user must accept these Additional Terms before becoming a manager/admin.


Text, images, or other content posted on Business Page must comply with the our Content Policy. As with your FindYooour profile, your Business Page is public to the world. FindYooour reserves the right to restrict the content on your Business Page at its discretion.


FindYooour's use of the information you provide is described in the Privacy Policy. You may not do anything to determine the identity of a visitor on your Business Page without the visitor's permission. Before collecting any information from a visitor, you must first obtain the visitor's express, prior consent, be clear that you (and not FindYooour) are collecting the information and you must post a privacy policy that complies with applicable law.

Contests, Applications and Ads

Any contests, sweepstakes, or similar promotion on your Business Page must also comply with the FindYooour Business Page Contest and Promotion Policies. You may post links to applications on Business Pages so long as the applications comply with the FindYooour Platform. You may not display third party advertising on your Business Page.

Suspension and Termination

FindYooour reserves the right to block or remove any Business Page that violate law, third party rights, the Business Page Terms or if you are using Business Page to violate or circumvent Terms or Policies for FindYooour products or services. Repeated violations of Business Page Terms, may cause your Business Page to be suspended or your entire FindYooour account to be terminated, depending on the seriousness of the violation. FindYooour may, without notice, remove your Business Page if they are dormant for more than six months.


You may choose any name for your Business Page so long as it complies with our FindYooour Content Policies. We strongly recommend to use your existing website (if you have one) when you are choosing your name of your Business Page. Once your Page has a significant number of followers, we may no longer allow a name change.

Custom URLs Terms of Use

When you are choosing your Business Page name keep in mind that your custom URL is the same as your Business Page name. When you are choosing your business Page name you must follow the FindYooour Terms of Service, the FindYooour Content and Conduct Policy, and the FindYooour Page Terms of Service (if applicable), and the following policies:
- We reserve the right to reclaim custom URLs or remove them for any reason, and without notice.
- Custom URLs are free for now, but we may start charging a fee for them. However, we will tell you before we start charging and give you the choice to stop participating first.
- Don't include words and phrases in your custom URL that would violate the FindYooour Content and Conduct Policy

If you violate our policies or terms of service we may take a variety of actions, including suspending your access to FindYooour and your use of custom URLs.
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