Endorsment Policy

FindYooour does not endorse any User (Member), Ad (Real Estate Ad or Listing) or Page (Business Page). You understand that Verified Images are intended only to indicate a photographic representation of the Listing at the time the photograph was taken. Verified Images are therefore not an endorsement by FindYooour of any User, Ad or Page.
Members are required by these Terms to provide accurate information. Although FindYooour may (for transparency or fraud prevention or detection purposes, directly or through third parties) ask you to provide a form of government identification (Passport, Drivers License or State ID) your date of birth, your full address, your phone number, certain third-party Social Networking Sites ("SNS") and other information, or undertake additional checks and processes designed to help verify or check the identities or backgrounds of Users and/or screen User information against third party databases or other sources, we do not make any representations about, confirm, or endorse any User or the User's purported identity or background.
By registering for an FindYooour Account, you agree that FindYooour may - but is not obligated to - request a consumer report on you from a Consumer Reporting Agency. If we do request a consumer report, we'll request and use it in compliance with applicable law, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Any references in the Site, Application or Services to a User being "verified" or "connected" (or similar language) only indicate that the User has completed a relevant verification or identification process, and does not represent anything else. Any such description is not an endorsement, certification or guarantee by FindYooour about any User, including of the User's identity and whether the Member is trustworthy, safe or suitable. Instead, any such description is intended to be useful information for you to evaluate when you make your own decisions about the identity and suitability of others whom you contact or interact with via the Site, Application and Services. We therefore recommend that you always exercise due diligence and care when deciding whether to stay with a Host, accept a booking request from a Guest, accept a renting request from a User or to have any other interaction with any other User.
By using the Site, Application or Services, you agree that any legal remedy or liability that you seek to obtain for actions or omissions of other Users or other third parties will be limited to a claim against the particular Users or other third parties who caused you harm. You agree not to attempt to impose liability on or seek any legal remedy from FindYooour with respect to such actions or omissions. Accordingly, we encourage you to communicate directly with other Users on the Site and Services regarding any Pages, Listings, Services or other content made by you. 
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