What is the biggest problem with the online real estate ads?

The biggest problem is the real estate itself! 

Real estates are different: small, big, single, family, condo, multi family, not to mention the many types of commercial buildings.  

Even if they were built after the same plan, there could be slight differences. It's only natural that each person shapes, rebuilds and expands their real estate according to their own needs and desires.   

The problem starts when someone wants to sell his or her property. You can't squeeze in every detail into a single short ad!

In that kind of ads you can't describe everything you invested in, how much its value has increased over the years, how much it has extended the total value of the property.

This is a problem for someone who wants to sell his or her house!

The task of the real estate agents becomes very hard since they're the ones who have to solve this problem! They have to solve it efficiently and as quickly as they can! The efficiency of the real estate agent is of key importance in achieving suitable results for everyone.

Home sellers are impatient; they want to sell as quickly as possible. A long selling procedure may embitter their lives by constantly having to stand ready for visitors and potential buyers.

On the other hand buyers search impatiently. They spend days on the internet searching for the perfect house! Weeks, months go by while they're wandering from open house to open house.

There is only one-way to solve this problem: by using a method that satisfies everybody's wishes. An unbelievably simple and yet so brilliant method that's never been used before!

The solution is to advertise and to search in detail! 

A website where you can describe your real estate's every single corner of every single room in detail; a form of advertising where you can attach any kind of documents, detailed renovation history; simply anything that has anything to do with the real estate.

A website where a high-performance search engine operates, with a surface, which can be adjusted down to the smallest details, with one single goal: so that you would find the real one right away.

FindYooour.com is the solution to all these issues!

Look around on FindYoour.com and share your opinion!

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