How to find yooour dream real estate?

What criteria should you consider when looking for your dream house? 

The first step is the most important! Make a wish list!

A wish list where you write down your desires in detail, down to the most simple and basic things. Explain why your house should have those features. 

Believe it or not, this is the best way to find out what type of real estate, what size and where would you like your dream house. 

The list should contain three sections:

1. Non Negotiable:

Basic features which you want no matter what; features that would make your family happy. 

  • $$$ - because the bank and my spare money is sufficient to make this investment.
  • 3 bedrooms - because I have two children; one room for each child, plus a master bedroom and if the budget allowed it, then a guestroom too.
  • Living room - me and my family like to watch TV, play board games and spend quality time together.

2. Negotiable:

The features that are not vital but which you would like to obtain in the future. You have to be aware of these extra whishes so that you would buy a house where you can accomplish them. 
  • Gym and media room in the basement or a big unfinished basement?

Gym: because physical exercise has a great role in our lives and it's much simpler and cheaper to have your own gym. The media room: because we like to watch movies with the kids, that's when the family gets together.
  • Deck, exterior fireplace and a pool or a big backyard?

We need these because in the summertime the family gets together regularly enjoying the pleasant weather.

3. The WAW factor:

Features that are absolutely necessary for you. You would be very glad to find a house which has the features that would make you want to own this house! 
  • 2 car garage - because I like fixing my car.
  • Hot tub in the backyard - my childhood dream is to take a dip outside in the midle of winter.
  • Jacuzzi in my master bathroom - where I can finally be alone with my spouse.

... and finally: Don’t Be Shy!

Write down these things. If you write down these things on a paper, the whole project will be come much clearer. You can decide much easier what to write for each category.

Don't make the same mistakes as the common house buyers would! Be aware of your needs and of the conditions that make you feel the best!

Enjoy hunting your dream!

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