Did you know that high-resolution pictures play a key role in the online world of real estate?

Social medias (Facebook - timeline, Google+, Pinterest) give way to high-resolution pictures, they encourage us to use and get used to this kind of pictures. Have you noticed these changes?

In the age of big screen TVs / monitors, good quality digital photos is even more important as they play an even bigger role. The trendy 50 - 60 inch TVs are no longer inaccessible. With fast technical advances and this will take even bigger proportions.

How big is your TV / screen? How big is the screen that you use for presentations?

You need to keep up with these trends!

Online visitors want big pictures! They're used to beautiful, pleasant, high-resolution pictures.

This is the trend; this is the direction the world is taking. People have to keep up with it.

The recipe is easy: follow it or you'll be left behind.

In the real estate business the pressure is even bigger: the products we sell are more expensive. For higher priced products greater quality advertising is essential.

Did you know that on FindYooour.com we don't resize or distort pictures! We display the pictures in the same quality you've uploaded them.

Take a look around today and tell us how you like it!

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