​What's the difference between FindYooour.com and other third party listing websites?

Findyooour.com isn’t your average real estate website.

As in it doesn’t follow the norm.

Whereas most real estate websites are money oriented and want to rake in as much cash as possible, with overpriced rates and unrelated advertising all competing for attention, findyooour.com focuses on the customer’s end of the spectrum.

Findyoooour.com is dedicated to helping out customers achieve their real estate goals without the hassle that comes with selling or purchasing a property.

You can find everything related to real estate here ... competent real estate agent, mortgage brokers, moving companies, home inspectors.


Compared to going out and looking out for each of these separately and on your own, you get everything under one website. Just enter your zip code and browse through the options ... send enquiries, ask questions and be thorough with the process before making a decision.

The whole process is built to be transparent, because that’s how trust is built.

Unlike other sites, there are no ‘sponsored results’ involved when you do a search. You cannot use money to get your ad to the top position of the search results. That distracts from the real search results.

Having the search keywords and being relevant are the only ways to get your real estate ad to the top placement. You’ll get exactly what you’re looking for when you search for your dream property on findyooour.com search engine.

Plus the sheer level of detail that you can put in your real estate page – yes, you get your own page for the ad – makes using findyooour.com a no brainer.

We all know that detail is huge when it comes to real estate, especially online.

There’s no limit to what you can do when it comes to details….it is your page after all. Upload any number of pictures – views from the balcony, the neighborhood, your music room, backyard….go wild – and related documents that you think will help you present a better picture of the property.

Plus - and this is big plus - you get to try everything out for free for the first 90 days. I’m not aware of any other real estate website that can make the same claim. They’ll charge you right from the get go, from the second you place your ad regardless of whether it works or not.

But findyooour.com reverses your risk and gives you a free trial. If you like how it works out during that time, you can continue with a nominal fee.

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