Let’s start at the beginning! What exactly is marketing?

Let’s describe in a couple of words what Marketing really means.
Marketing is everything!

Marketing includes the followings:
  • Business cards, flyers, posters, newspaper ads, even invoices.
Tip: in case of an old firm, all of your printed materials should have a uniform appearance, the logo of the firm should be present everywhere; the younger firms should rather use mottos.
The people who represent the company, secretaries, subordinate employees and even us, the managers of the company, should be exigent and neat. You don’t need to wear expensive clothes, but they should be clean, they should not be torn and nails and hair should be done. Especially in the real estate business where we deal with people, appearance counts because the first impression means a lot.
  • PR is part of marketing
All the public appearances, whether they’re on TV, radio or commercials, attending conferences, newspapers, are all part of marketing, though that’s already a higher level of it, one that unfortunately only a few of the small companies are able to achieve. 
  • Writing books,
Writing books is a great way of marketing, but unfortunately this one is also not the most effective method for a small company. In order for the book writing to be profitable, your company would have to be quite known already, so that you’d be able to sell enough copies of it. So it’s just a matter of time, but until then you can take notes.
  • Publishing articles in magazines and newspapers
This is a method available for anyone, it’s all just a matter of perseverance and creativity, so: get to work!
  • Websites
Nowadays creating a website, a homepage is not such a big deal, it’s quite easy, and it’s very effective, further more is the only way we can compete with bigger companies. Creating a good real estate website can provide great help for us. Let’s think about it: you can display anything from web-shops to collection of testimonials, it’s flexible and it can be extended infinitely. A well-developed website can offer us a great help. You can save a lot of time, energy and especially money, under very simple circumstances.
I could go on about the different areas of marketing, but I’m sure I’ll have enough opportunities for that later on. If you’re interested, sign up quickly so that you can start using the free marketing tips for real estate professionals as soon as possible.
I wish you good luck and have fun studying!


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