Reminder marketing

Did you know that gaining a new client costs about 9 times more than keeping one? Indeed, you wouldn’t even believe it … and how many people fail to take advantage of this?
Do YOU call your former clients?
Do you ask them if everything is all right?
Of course this is not enough; you should send them a card for Christmas, Easter (any Christian or Non-Christian holyday) or the anniversary of purchasing their house. Anything can be a good excuse to send a reminder at least 2-3 cards a year (in the real estate industry it is enough to send reminders just a couple of times a year, but in other businesses where the clients buy more often, it is better if you remind them monthly of whom they’ve bought from.)
If you want to do it like a professional, then you should have a list from the beginning where you write down their origin, birth days, some personal information, their e-mail addresses (this method is even cheaper).
Call them 1-3 times a year, ask them how they’re doing, and remind them with cards about who helped them buy their houses. Cause if they ever move again why wouldn’t they call you?
How many percent of the people buy real estates more times during their life? Win them over for a lifetime, insure you future!
Plus, if the people were satisfied with your services and you don’t let them forget about you, then they’ll always remember you when it comes to house sale or house purchase and they’ll recommend You to their friends, relatives, neighbors.
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