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Some time ago one of my friend asked for my opinion, he wanted to buy an income property. Of course I did what I could, but I made it clear that I’m not an agent. “No problem” he said, and he told me that he just needed me to help him look around and to tell him my opinion.
As we were surfing the net, the real estate sites in particular, we made a huge discovery! More than half of the agent websites fail to exploit their potentials. Not to mention that, we found only a few good websites that provide help, or tips regarding ways to maintain or increase the value of your real estate property, or any other kind of clever tips.

While looking for real estates, we found the following mistakes:
  • The prices of the real estates were not mentioned anywhere,
  • The sizes of the real estates were also not mentioned anywhere,
  • There was no detailed description of the houses
  • Not to mention the pictures, which were either too few or the setting was wrong and it didn’t include the whole room or part of the house, or they were of such a poor quality that they shouldn’t have been uploaded on the website at all.
The interesting thing was that the agents were not tired when they had to take pictures of the expensive luxury real estates as that’s where they’ve taken the most pictures. Also the forms containing the most data about the real estates were the ones regarding the luxury real estates. Now I ask: what’s the difference between the agents that sell luxury real estates and the ones selling middle or small sized real estates?
A well designed website, where the client’s needs are satisfied, can draw many clients (not visitors, not people just looking around, but clients). A website is a great way to spot the few of the visitors who are genuinely interested in a certain real estate. Most people just don’t understand that!
An example (here YOU could give a better example!!!)
We have a website where the information regarding a house is incorrect or incomplete. The clients come, those who are looking for a house and they find one that they like. They immediately call you: “What size is the house? “(We couldn’t find this information on the website).
“Great, we are interested in this house! When could we see it?”  You make an appointment and at the end, after inspecting the house, they tell you that it looked better in the picture, and now after having seen it in real life, they are not that interested anymore.
It’s a disadvantage, everybody has wasted a lot of time and energy and nothing happened. YOUR time is valuable and you could’ve used it for something else instead, and the seller wasted a lot of time as well because he had to prepare the house, etc. So the conclusion is: nobody wins.
If you provide every little detail on the website, (I know there can be a lot of them regarding a house), it’s possible that you only have to organize an open house just ones in order to start getting offers immediately. That’s something you should think about. But if you don’t want to do it properly, if you consider it to be pointless, or if you don’t have enough time for it, then you should just simply right: for further information, please call this number…
Think about it; is YOUR website one of those real estate websites?


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