Cross Marketing

What exactly is cross marketing?
Do you watch TV or go to the McDonalds?

If the answer is yes, then think back because this kind of marketing is used everywhere, it’s practically free and it’s very effective.
Have you noticed that at the McDonalds they only sell Coca-Cola? I’m sure you’ve seen Oprah or the Dr. Oz show or any other morning show. The guests invited to these shows are all part of the cross marketing.
A TV show invites a specialist of a certain filed. This is good for the TV because people will watch their shows because the interesting subjects. This is also good for the guest because this way he can advertise himself, his book or website. Everybody wins, and it’s practically for free.

But what is it about exactly?

There are many forms of cross marketing, from the simple ones (between two people or firms) to the difficult ones (more firms, an entire city, for ex. Las Vegas).
The simplest way:
- If you introduce me to your clients I’ll introduce you to my clients
- If you put my logo on your website I’ll put your logo on mine
- If you recommend me then I’ll recommend you too
- Joint business card
The point is the possibility for representatives of similar professions to win mutually.

DON’T misunderstand me; I’m not talking about the competitors! You see I’m not writing these tricks for my competition, but for real estate agents because both of us work in the real estate business but we are not each other’s competition.
We have the same goal: to create satisfied clients, who will recommend us to other people. It’s much easier to fulfill the dreams of our clients while supporting each other (without any problem or pain), this is how we’ll grow strong! And it’ is just a big bonus that this way our competitors will have even less chances.
I think this is quite explicit and clear! This method is simple, so simple that it’s straight brilliant. Another method the businessmen fail to take advantage of.
This is my goal too, to find partners for the cross marketing mentioned above, allies to grow our firms by mutually help and increase the number of our satisfied clients!
If you are interested in my offer, you can make the first step HERE!


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