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- Milton/ Ontario/ L9T2M3/ CAN
Real Estate Service without Deals / Investment option is a Musician without an Instrument .
pat kakar - Connect - 10/21/2015

Real Estate Agent - New York/ New York/ USA
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Attila Foris - Connect - 11/25/2016

Property Listing FAQ
 Home sellers usually make the mistake of judging the real estate market or the agent’s work by the traffic during open house. But they’re wrong!                 Don’t forget... - Help center - 01/19/2017

Is there a limit to the number of agents at a brokerage who can sign up for the trial?
No! At there are no tricks and fine print what you see is what you get. Each agent and the brokerage can sign up for their own free trial. - Help center - 01/17/2017

Is the trial of limited to agents and sellers?
No. It is open to anyone in a real estate related field. Example:- A home inspector to promote home inspection services, - Attorneys focused on real estate, - Mortgage brokers, - Real estate agents, - - Help center - 01/19/2017

I appraise homes for value can I create a real estate ad and sell my home?
Yes. Anyone who is involved in a real estate transaction may also advertise. Though unlike agents and brokers they can list properties for free with a Business Page. - Help center - 01/19/2017

I am busy – I need to manage my real estate ads but I also need to let someone else use it – Is this possible?
Yes! allows you to have two administrators for your real estate ads. This way your assistant, or spouse can put your listings up while you work. A popular choice... - Help center - 01/17/2017

Who can create a Business Page on
Anyone with a business that provides services typically used in doing a real estate transaction may have a business page on Real estate agent, Real estate broker, Broker associate,... - Help center - 01/18/2017

Does the business page come with free listings?
Certain real estate professionals subscribed to the business page may do unlimited listings with their business page subscription. These would be any professionals selling or renting real estate.Example: agents, brokers, - Help center - 01/18/2017

I was using another site, and I could never find my listing on the search result unless I paid more – Does do this?
No ranks real estate listings based on their relevance to the users search. This means real estate agents, home sellers, and brokers do not have to pay extra for... - Help center - 01/18/2017

Affiliates Policy. How do I apply for the affiliate program? For prospective affiliates to gain access to the Affiliate Program they must apply and be... - Help center - 05/02/2017

Ambassadors of FindYooour.comAt the end of this year - 2017 - we are launching, a unique platform tailored exclusively for real estate industry. We believe with this platform the... - Help center - 05/12/2017

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