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Second Administrator To Yooour Real Estate Ad?!
Are you a busy real estate agent? During a typical day, you meet clients, list homes, meet buyers and spend hours on the phone. The last thing you want to do...
Find yooour - Blog - 04/20/2018

Why have two administrators for one real estate ad?
How hard do you think it is to fill in a real estate ad? Is it very stressful? Is it time-consuming? I'm sure it's happened to you too that you didn't...
Helen's blog - Blog - 03/17/2018

Second Administrator To Yooour Real Estate Ad?!
Are you a busy real estate agent? During a typical day, you meet clients, list homes, meet buyers and spend hours on the phone. The last thing you want to do...
Find Yooour For Real Estate - Blog - 03/17/2018

Sale - 31/05/2015
Land / Land for construction
Kršan - Istra - 52233 - HRV

Moon Valentine - Ads - 04/18/2018

No Foreign Ads On Yooour Listing Page
Why is it assumed that it’s Ok to have competing ads appear on your real estate listing pages? You PAID for that space and therefore you should own it.
Find yooour - Blog - 04/17/2018

What is the problem with these real estate Ads?
Did you know that on every single site where you can advertise your real estate there are also foreign ads? (foreign ads = are different kind of Google and...
Helen's blog - Blog - 03/19/2018

You don’t have the time to fill out in detail an online real estate ad?
Do you have to run to the next meeting? Did you know that on you can choose to set up an assistant who takes care of the meticulous but...
Helen's blog - Blog - 03/17/2018

Did you know that your ad occupies only a small space on websites where you advertise your real estate?
Did you know that besides your ad, there are other so called non-relevant filling materials* on the site? Things, that have absolutely nothing to do with YOUR ad? (*filling materials =...
Helen's blog - Blog - 03/20/2018

What is it that I really hate in an online real estate ad?
What do you really hate? I don't know about you, but I really hate the usual websites where you advertise your real estate for sale or rent! You...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/20/2018

​What's the difference between and other third party listing websites? isn’t your average real estate website. As in it doesn’t follow the norm. Whereas most real estate websites are money oriented and want to rake in as much cash as possible,...
Helen's blog - Blog - 03/22/2018 is really better than most listing websites offers a wide variety of options that most real estate listing websites don’t. Read on to find out how one ups most listing websites. 1. No distractions on the...
Helen's blog - Blog - 03/17/2018

Anything can be advertised on
Many of the prehistoric listings websites for real estate, limit advertising to one category. Real estate agents, brokers, and commercial agents in most regions of the world have to deal...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/17/2018

2 Admins is Better Than One
Real estate agents, home sellers, and real estate brokers are all busy people, working hard to sell their real estate. In most cases this means hours on the phone answering...
Helen's blog - Blog - 03/17/2018

Search results on
You are looking for a home to purchase, or trying to gauge the real estate market, and you are using an old fashioned website. Frustratingly every time you search this...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/17/2018

Customize your real estate ad
The platform is designed to give you the ultimate freedom and final say over the design of your business page and listing advertisements. Unlike other prehistoric platforms, does...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/17/2018

No foreign ads on yooour real estate page
Unfortunately you fell victim to the oldest trick in the book of tricks. You bought an ad on part of a page, covered in distracting shiny ads. The worst part...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/17/2018

Real estate advertising
There are various internet websites available for you which cater to your needs for real estate advertising and finding brokers. But the problem is that there isn’t any website that...
Helen's blog - Blog - 03/17/2018

Customize Yooour Real Estate Ad On
We all hate to be restricted. Being restricted in time, budget and in how to customize your real estate ad is not a choice. These limits keep you away from your goal. is...
Find yooour - Blog - 04/17/2018

​Real Estate for Sale?
Why do you hate selling real estate online? 1. Because the opportunities are limited? 2. Because the sites discriminate? 3. Because it’s expensive? + I have a surprise that will blow your mind! ************************** 1. The...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/17/2018

​Are You in the Right Business?
What feature of your company or product are you advertising? Is good quality? That is the fastest, the cheapest, that it allows the client to save the most money in...
Marketing 4 Agents - Blog - 03/22/2018

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