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Sale - 09/01/2015
Single family / Villa
loc santa cristina - Peschiera del garda - Veneto - 37019 - ITA
Sale - 31/05/2015
Land / Land for construction
Kršan - Istra - 52233 - HRV
Rent - 24/06/2015
Room / Private room
New York - NY - 10005 - USA
Price: 1 Euro

  • Room size - 0.84
  • Garage - 1
  • Bedroom(s) - 1
  • Guests - 2
  • Bathroom(s) - 1

Short Rent - 05/02/2016
Room / Private room
New York - NY - 10005 - USA
Price: 1 Euro

  • Room size - 8.92
  • Garage - 3
  • Bedroom(s) - 1
  • Guests - 2
  • Bathroom(s) - 1


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