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- 500E, 63rd,  - Corner of the 63rd street and York avenue., New York, NY, 10065, USA
Company overview
Most real estate websites offer the same content and same copy/paste listings, all hidden behind different designs and names. All you see are fake reviews, websites with restrictions and search optimized contents created by unverified users.

In short, there is nothing new in real estate – until now!

Now is the time for a real estate platform that can keep pace with all the other sophisticated technology-driven changes that have redefined our lives. Now is the time for a platform where you can plan and execute your next moving project, your next home improvement or even building an entire building without leaving the room. is a unique end-to-end platform tailored specifically for the real estate industry. Our goal is to effortlessly connect Property Hunters with Property Owners with local Real Estate Professionals. operates on three key principles:

1. Openness, meaning any agent, homeowner or home seller can list properties for free on our platform.
2. is all real estate; this means there are NO unrelated ads on your Property Listing or on your Business Page.
3. And most importantly, every Real Estate Professionals can promote their services through a Business Page without any restrictions.

What are you waiting for? Create your Free Business Page today!!
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We believe that your business position online should not depend on your marketing budget, your SEO knowledge or any other unrelated facts.

This is why at we created an equal and fair monthly/yearly subscription plan for your real estate business page.

Your Business Page position on our platform depends mostly on your quality interaction with other users.
Guarantee cares about your business and offers two super-crazy guarantees:

With the powerful Grandfather Guarantee you’ll pay for your business page as much as the first day when you created it and THAT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Follow our Business Owner Guidelines on how can your Premium Business Page make it at the top of your local market search results of! If you remain unsatisfied contact us and we will refund your first order.
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Find Yooour LLC
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