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What kind of real estate website do you use?
Think about how it would be if the Internet was not controlled by written and unwritten rules. What if you couldn't find your way in the online jungle? What kind...
Helen's blog - Blog - 03/17/2018

What is the online world’s most basic instrument?
The one that is not only necessary but also spectacular. An instrument of key importance, which gets a great attention and online users want it. When you advertise your...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/20/2018

Imagine that the moment to buy your new car has finally come!
You've dreamt about it for years! It's absolutely beautiful; it gives you shivers when you just think about it. The finish reflects the sunlight. Those shapes, those curves are simply...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/17/2018

What is it that I really hate in an online real estate ad?
What do you really hate? I don't know about you, but I really hate the usual websites where you advertise your real estate for sale or rent! You...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/20/2018

Anything can be advertised on
Many of the prehistoric listings websites for real estate, limit advertising to one category. Real estate agents, brokers, and commercial agents in most regions of the world have to deal...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/17/2018

Something Missing? has only two purposes; list real estate and showcase it in a way that will make it sell quickly, and in doing so ensure it sells for the highest...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/17/2018 an innovative approach to real estate is a unique real estate platform which brings the power over buying and selling property back to the individual. The website is the only one of its kind in...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/17/2018

Full access is about the best real estate website today with its unique features and support services, setup to aid you in effectively advertising your real estate to your target audience. It...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/22/2018

​Why do you have to pay for
First of all to scare away the users who are not serious and would use the opportunities provided by this site just for fun. Those users would flood the site...
David O'neill - Blog - 03/17/2018

Earn money by doing what you love: blogging
Earn money by doing what you love: blogging. Great websites have strong content that is best written by passionate and dedicated bloggers. created a new way to boost your...
Find Yooour for bloggers - Blog - 04/21/2018

We believe that any real estate problem can be solved easily through a well organized, easy to use and transparent community marketplace. is a different platform, operating under our three...
Find yooour - MyFrame - 03/12/2018

The world's biggest blogger competition
The world's biggest blogger competition is happening now on! Are you a fervid blogger? If yes, this is your chance to show how good you are! Why should you enter the...
Find Yooour for bloggers - MyFrame - 07/29/2015 for bloggers invites YOU to consider three revenue-generating opportunities for bloggers. It’s no surprise that all good websites need strong content – and great articles are best written by professional bloggers....
Find Yooour for bloggers - MyFrame - 07/29/2015

Why do you limit adds to the real estate sector?
Ads are limited to the real estate sector because we want them to be useful to the users of the site. Unrelated ads are not useful to home-buyers, home-sellers or - Help center - 01/19/2017

Why do I need to join? is 100% about real estate, there is no other platform like Only real estate related listings, services, and businesses are available on This means 100% of the - Help center - 01/19/2017

Can banner advertisements feature services other than real estate?
No. There are no advertisements on that are not related to real estate. All advertisements on need to add value to customers and users. - Help center - 01/19/2017

I am a non real estate professional – Why can’t I have free listings?
The point of listing is to list properties and advertise real estate companies. If other non real estate professionals are inserted into the platform it will reduce the value... - Help center - 01/18/2017

I work for a company that would like to place an advertisement in your search results, how can I do this? does not accept advertisements in its search results. Only real estate listings will be returned when a user searches for property. If you want to promote your real estate - Help center - 01/18/2017

I was using another site, and I could never find my listing on the search result unless I paid more – Does do this?
No ranks real estate listings based on their relevance to the users search. This means real estate agents, home sellers, and brokers do not have to pay extra for... - Help center - 01/18/2017

Affiliates Policy. How do I apply for the affiliate program? For prospective affiliates to gain access to the Affiliate Program they must apply and be... - Help center - 05/02/2017

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