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Many of the prehistoric listings websites for real estate, limit advertising to one category. Real estate agents, brokers, and commercial agents in most regions of the world have to deal in multiple types of real estate in order to make a profit.

This means they sell some commercial property, some residential property, rent units, and provide service to sell or rent anything real estate related. For these professionals learning a number of different low traffic websites, and listing on them is a lot of work for very little gain. does things differently. As a platform it is all real estate, and all types of real estate at all times. This means anything can be advertised on, as long as it is related to real estate. From strip malls, to condominiums, to houses, to rentals, you are welcome to list on the platform to find your customer.
What is the Value of Having All Real Estate All of the Time?

The aim of is to provide value to its customers by focusing exclusively on real estate. Having advertisements and services on a real estate website that are unrelated draws users attention away from viewing the real estate ads. This leads to good sales prospects who end up leaving the website to view other content on the Internet that is completely unrelated to real estate. takes away this distraction by only allowing real estate and real estate related advertisements on the platform. You will find advertisements on for houses, condos, apartments, agricultural land and even strip malls.
Other services advertising on add value by servicing the real estate industry. Mortgage brokers, Home stagers, Lawyers, Photographers, are also permitted to advertise their services related to real estate by creating a customize Business Page.
What Types of Property Will you Find on
  • Rental Property – is a great place to advertise the apartment you are trying to rent out. Or if you are in the market for an apartment a great place to rent one.
  • Houses – Buying, Selling, and renting are all available options for houses on
  • Commercial Property – Whether you are renting commercial space, or selling it, is the place to list it.
  • Agricultural Real Estate – If you looking to sell off part of your farm, or expand it is a great place to list your agricultural property, or look for additional land to purchase.
  • Income Properties – Are you are in the market to become a landlord? can help you find the perfect property.
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