is really better than most listing websites offers a wide variety of options that most real estate listing websites don’t. Read on to find out how one ups most listing websites.

1. No distractions on the site

Most listing websites run Google AdSense (and other ad services) on their website in order to increase their revenue.

This leads to irrelevant ads being placed on the same page as your ad is displayed competing for space and attention. Your odds of success goes down as people are more likely to get distracted and not focus on your ad, for which you paid for by the way.
There are no outside ads placed on The only ads on the page would be relevant ads to the search query.

2. No preferred ad placements

You see, we wanted to level the playing field on On other sites, people with deep pockets can pay and get their ad placed on top of the listings of every search result.  

That doesn’t’ exactly lead to the best property match the person is looking for, but it sure does fills the pockets of the website owners.
There’s no partiality here at You cannot buy your way to the top. The only way your ad will reach the top and get attention is by being relevant to the search results aka having the keywords that the search is being done for. 

3. Zero Risk

What makes stand out from other listing websites is the risk factor….as in, there is none.  

We here at are committed to helping you with your property needs. That’s why you get to try our services for free for the first 90 days. Which means, when you place an ad on, you don’t have to pay anything upfront. You get to try out our platform and see how it works for you for full period of 90 days.

Click here to try and I’m sure it won’t take you long to figure out that it really is better than most listing websites.

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