Do you have a car?

Do you have a car?
What about your colleague?
Your wife?
Your child?
How many cars bear YOUR sticker on them?
Some people spend small fortunes to send their post cards, flyers to the potential clients. But the car is ours, it’s for free!
Why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?
Order a sticker for your car!

Its advantage: you can make it as big as the car itself. Wherever you go with your car, it will advertise your firm. At last a chance for your car to bring some money and not just to consume it all the time.

Its disadvantage: it’s harder to take off in case you want to sell your car.
You can also order a magnetized board with the name of the firm!
Its disadvantage: it’s smaller than the sticker and you have to be careful because it can be stolen.
You can order any of them for just a couple of dollars. Do you think it’s not worth it?
Ask yourself:

How much does it cost to post an ad in the local newspaper?
How much does it cost to have a post card distributed in a certain area?
…. do the math and see for yourself.
The stickers for cars have a big secret: they have to be short!

They have to be about 6 words long and they have to be concise. But don’t write your name on it, but instead write what it that you do is, how can you help, what kind of problem can you solve for the client? And only after this you should write your name and contact details.
For example:
“We sell your house in 60 days or else we’ve worked for free”
“Only for Property Virgins! We know what you need!”
P.S.: Is the outer wall of your office empty?
Did you know that is also a cheap advertising surface?!


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